• Villanova of the huts

    An important local craft was the construction of huts made with reed; these huts were in every farm in Bassa Romagna.
  • The manufacture of items with marsh plants

    Locals used five main types of plants: common reed, lesser bulrush, bulrush, sedge and sharp rush.
  • Strong Women

    Men usually produced chairs, cages and brooms, while the majority of bags, mats and woven items were made by women.

Welcome to the Ecomuseum of Marsh Plants in Villanova of Bagnacavallo

The Ethno-park

The Ethno-park of Villanova of the huts is the outdoor display of the Ecomuseum. It features amazing huts made of reed; in the past, these building were common in the Province of Ravenna.

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Museums in Short

Villanova’s Ecomuseum has submitted the video "La civiltà palustre di Villanova di Bagnacavallo" to the second edition of the competition Museums in Short for shorts produced by European museums.

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La soffitta in piazza

March 6, April 3, May 1 - 2016
This lively street market celebrates Spring every year in Villanova

The marsh civilisation of Villanova

It originates in the brackish wetland area which is now part of the Regional Park of the Po Delta

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